We are always updating our timetable of events, currently you can choose from Art, Craft, Life skills, Cookery, Music, Outdoor Games, working the Brewery, gardening on the Allotment, Snooker, Jewellery making, and Pottery.   At James's Place we pride ourselves on offering our members a choice to help them find what they want to do.  As much time as possible is spent out of doors, making use of the stunning Hampshire setting.

We also plan "special" events during the year - such as kite-making, star-gazing and cider making. 

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I have made some soap bombs for myself. I used some lemon fragrance to make them and I used some different shapes to make a bath bomb. I made some heart ones, two small ones and a big heart. They were hard to make but I did all of that by myself
— Reece - a student from Icknield FE College