Can I come to James’s Place?

Anyone from the age of 18, and we cater for younger people during school or college holidays as appropriate.  We welcome everyone – no matter what their individual support needs may be.. 

What could I do at James’s Place?

Whatever you want to do, if we can provide it!  Take a  look at the Activities page to get some idea of what we do, or go to Facebook and see some of the pictures.

What are “AwayDays”?

The James’s Place Community Group is a committee run by members, with one staff member and on volunteer.  Throughout the year we raise money whenever we can, and we use that money to go out on day trips – a day on the canal, visits to museums, local places of interest or perhaps just dinner in the pub!

Will I meet people from other organisations?

We do like to work as much as we can with other organisations, and maintain good relationships with organisations such as Mencap, Gateway, Andover Day Services and the local FE College, Icknield.

When are you open?

We run two sessions per day, 9:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 4:00.   JPCG “Sunshine Café” will provide a hot 2-course meal for £2 if desired.  We are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 50 weeks per year, closing down normally for 2 weeks at Christmas only.

How much does it cost?

The first session is always free.  Our charges are based on support needed, and start at £8 per hour, rising to a maximum of £15 per hour for those who need 1-1 or 2-1.  However anyone who brings a support worker with them is automatically on the £10 hourly rate.  All prices include VAT.

When we go out on an Awayday we do normally make a charge for transport OR for admission but never both as the James’s Place Community Group subsidises these.  There is no charge for resources for most of the activities – although there may be a small charge for ceramics and model making.  Members are encouraged to take all they make home with them, unless it is being made specifically to sell at a craft fair.

Are you regulated or monitored?

At the moment, Day Centres are only regulated or monitored by CQC if staff handle money on behalf of members, or if they undertake frequent journeys on their own with single members.  As none of these apply to James’s Place, we are therefore not regulated or monitored by CQC.  However we are monitored by Hampshire County Council and we do adopt best practise procedures with frequent training sessions for staff and volunteers, Equality and Diversity policies, Protection for Vulnerable Adults and Children policies, fully accessible complaints procedures and frequent team and member meetings and consultations.  We meet all the requirements that are expected of us, and all the requirements that any funding agency may ask for.


What a wonderful place you have created at Penton Lodge and a great facility for those most in need in our local community – thank you so much on behalf of the Borough.
— Dorothy Baverstock, former Mayor of Test Valley