We always welcome volunteers - no particular talent needed - just a sense of humour and a little bit of patience!  We have volunteers of all ages here, just as we have members of all ages.

Volunteers come as frequently as they please - some people choose to make a regular commitment, the same day each week, whilst others come maybe once a month, or once a fortnight.  

As James's Place is such a relaxed and informal place we want our volunteers to feel relaxed as well - so please, if you are thinking of volunteering but are worried about committing to too many hours a week, come along and talk to us.

Alan Titchmarsh beware!

Alan Titchmarsh beware!

Penton Park is beautiful – beautiful house, beautiful grounds, beautiful dogs and beautiful people! The staff and volunteers here are wonderful and Viv and Doug are top-drawer. All the staff are professionals in the world of social care and have worked in that area for many years, yet I never feel excluded, patronised or inexperienced. My viewpoint is as important as anyone else’s and I am respected and valued. Just like the members, I know that I have a lot to give and that what I do give is much appreciated.
— Alan Jones